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Location: Two Bedroom Condo, Downtown Ottawa, Ontario

Client Request: To completely renovate the entire kitchen. Client requested an open space, and to be clean and modern with more storage space.

Challenge: To create an open feeling with a smaller space is not always an easy task. The client also requested more storage space, adding to this challenge. To achieve these conflicting objectives while performing work in its limited space and while the homeowners were present turned out to be more to tackle. It was important to keep the space clean and tools out of harm’s way, while performing the work in a space that is connected to the homeowner’s active living space.


  • First, we created a small kitchen-like space in the living room for the client so there would be continual use of this room’s functions for the duration of the contract. It was important to us to not disrupt the homeowner’s remaining living space.
  • Second, we sealed and blocked off the entire kitchen from the rest of the living space to eliminate any potential construction debris. We feel that both of these steps are important. It allows the least amount of intrusion into the client’s home as possible during the construction phase.
  • Third, once we assessed a wall was not load bearing, we removed it to open the kitchen space into the living room (see before and after photos). This unnecessary wall occupied useable space and provided the client with a more open concept to the adjoining rooms.
  • Once the wall was removed we were able to create more useable space. We installed an Island of cabinets which was not previously an option. This resulted in both more storage and more counter space. We were even able to create just enough space for a small dishwasher!
  • We completed all aspects of this contract from planning, demolition, framing of walls, drywall, cabinet installation, paint, all new lighting and plumbing.

Healthy Steps: All discarded kitchen material was donated to Habitat for Humanity. The new lighting installed is a highly efficient system and only needs to be replaced every ten years. This reduces current and future waste. All appliances installed are new and energy efficient. Building materials for tiles and drywall are made of partially reclaimed materials. This contributes to LEED points.

Before Pictures

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