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Location: Orleans, ON

Client Request: The client requested to have the powder room updated to match the main bathroom and to create a consistent look and decorative flow throughout the home. We also repaired some plumbing issues that originated from when the house was first built.

Challenge: There were two challenges. First, the plumbing was originally not installed correctly resulting in very poor drainage. Second, the previous contractor did not tile under the bathroom vanity. This needed to be addressed to allow for full floor tile coverage to allow for the new vanity to be installed correctly.

Results: The client was thrilled with their newly renovated bathroom and how the poor plumbing issues were identified and fixed.

  • The Powder Room was designed to be a smaller version of the main bathroom giving it the decorative flow that the client wanted.
  • Also, adding tile to complete the floor surface under the vanity, created a level floor – enabling the client to enjoy a perfectly installed bathroom.

Healthy Steps: To save water, a new low-flow toilet was selected and installed. All wood used is fsc rated. New lighting, requiring less energy, was installed. Grouting materials are partly reclaimed and can be awarded points toward a green house!

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