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Location: Two Bedroom Condo, Downtown Ottawa, Ontario

Client Request: Renovate entire bathroom (only the bathtub was left in place). Construct a new, more modern, clean bathroom. Upgrade the ventilation in the bathroom to avoid mould issues.

Challenge:Very small space to perform work. Construction in a condo is much different than in a house. There is usually more limited space, especially challenging to perform work while homeowner is present. There can also be limited flexibility with finding alternative duct, electrical and plumbing solutions.


  • A new vanity was mounted slightly off the floor – a small detail but it provided a more open feeling.
  • We added a whole new fan system because the traditional way of ventilating a condo is not as efficient and does not perform as well. Condo bathroom ventilation works differently from the way bathroom ventilation in a house works.
  • We also installed new soundproofing to the entire interior wall system. There was no soundproofing barrier before and the bathroom wall is adjacent to a hallway. We think clients value bathroom privacy (we think it is important!).
  • Also installed was all-new tile shower surround, new faucets, drywall, paint and trim.

Healthy Steps: All discarded bathroom material was donated to Habitat for Humanity. All tile and drywall material is partly reclaimed. This contributed to LEED points.

Before Pictures

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