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Location: Downtown Ottawa, ON

Client Request: Entire bathroom to be renovated and updated.

Challenge: Cody, the contractor, noticed that there may be traces of asbestos and as a precaution, proactively tested a sample for the client. Sample results were clean indicating no harmful chemicals present.


  • Consulted with client to select and install all new: shower, sink, toilet, tiling and fixtures
  • Installed insulation, drywall, framing around window, new baseboards
  • Painted walls and installed new plumbing throughout bathroom
  • Electrical: installed light in shower, moved fan location, updated electrical wiring to meet Code (Ontario Electrical Safety Code).
  • Installed insulation and drywall

Healthy Steps: All wood used meets FSC standards. Materials for tiles and drywall contribute to LEED points. Low flow toilet and timers installed for fans (energy efficiency). Shower faucet has a control mechanism to regulate pressure (can generate substantial cost savings).

Before Pictures

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